Our Background

"Equal" was established in 1998 and registered as a licensed security company in accordance with the Security and Guarding Services Ordinance (Cap.460), No.0708. We are thereby eligible to provide all types of property management and guarding services. In 2000, we were admitted to the Hong Kong Security Association. In 2002, we were awarded the internationally recognized management standard ISO 9001:2000.

Our founder, Dr. Leung Koon Ming Raymond, is holding a Doctor Degree of Philosophy in Management and other professional qualifications, with over 30 years of practical experience in property management and building services. We have strong backup teams in laws, engineering, accounting, customer services and so on.

In our track record, we have proudly rendered all-round services covering wide-ranging types of properties such as shopping malls, commercial buildings (office and shop-office alike), residence, commercial-residential mixed buildings, industrial buildings, luxury villa and houses, factories, movie studio, cinemas and so on.

We aim at efficiency and effectiveness in the provision of high-quality management services at reasonable price.

We look forward to enhancing and promoting your property value together, hand in hand with you.

Vision, Mission, Values & Beliefs, Culture


  • To develop "EQUAL" as a quality brand of property management in China


  • To enhance and promote the value of the customers' property comprehensively
  • To provide professional, quality, all-round property management services

Values & Beliefs

  • Customer is our priority
  • Serve with sincerity & passion
  • Work hard and seriously
  • Enjoy the work


  • Polite
  • Honest
  • Serious
  • Highly Efficient
  • Environmental
  • Healthy
  • Joyful
  • Team-work
Business organization
Management organization
All-Round Property Management

Pioneering in the foremost property management model, we render all-round management services apart from providing the traditional management services such as security guarding, cleaning, daily maintenance, book keeping and accounting. By virtue of our unique management experience and professionalism, we are confident to resolve any of your concerns with the property and to raise up your property value comprehensively:

  1. Free property management laws advice
  2. Asset enhancement service
  3. Tenancy consultancy and management (by affiliate EKE Property Consultants)
  4. Real estate sale & purchase (by affiliate EKE Property Consultants)
  5. Construction and building services works undertaking, consultancy and management (by affiliate Jetta (HK) Engineering Co. Limited)
  6. Security guard training course
Free Property Management Laws Advice

One of our director is holding the Bachelor of Laws (HKU), Postgraduate Certificate in Laws (HKU) and was called to the Bar in the High Court of Hong Kong. He is currently responsible for the management of properties as well as related legal issues; during office hour, free enquiry is available for our customer saving expensive legal expenses.

Asset Enhancement Service

Property is not just a shelter for our living and work, but one of the most valuable consumption and investment goods in our life; therefore, we are dedicated to the enhancement and promotion of your property value. Leveraging on our rich and unique experience, we have successfully assisted many customers in raising up their property value up to 1000%. (Asset enhancement examples)

Tenancy Consultancy and Management

We provide one-stop, comprehensive tenancy services by our affiliate EKE Property Consultants:

  1. Search for suitable tenant
  2. Prepare tenancy contract and hand-over of the premises
  3. Collect rent and deal with arrear
  4. Pay property expenses on behalf of the customer (e.g. rates, government rents, water, electricity, town-gas)
  5. Provide clear monthly computer-made income-expenditure statement
  6. Handle tenancy termination, renewal and transfer
  7. Deal with tenant, neigbour, government enquiry, complaint or legal action
Real Estate Sale & Purchase Service

Our affiliate, EKE Property Consultants, provides more than the mere general sale & purchase services in residence, office, shop, factory; but also assist you in revealing and developing the potential of your proproties by merging, acquiring or splitting the premises in order to create the highest economic value.

Construction and Building Services Undertaking, Consultancy and Management

In addition to daily building services, our affiliate Jetta (HK) Engineering Co. Limited, have rich experience in construction and building renovation works; apart from the works over 10 millions, we were also invited to undertake or monitor different projects and serve as independent project adviser from time to time.

Security Guarding Service and Training Course

In order to safeguard your property, all of our security must hold valid security permit and recognized training certificate, and pass through the strict assessment of the Hong Kong Police. We are experienced and dedicated to employing and training the best-fit security within budget. Moreover, all of them must undergo an entrance and on-job trainings provided by us, so that they can fully understand the company rules & instructions as well as the emergency & contingency plans. We firmly believe that strict training can raise up their discipline and ability in order to deliver quality services.

One of our directors was assessed and approved by the Hong Kong Police Department as recognized Security Guard Trainer, eligible to provide recognized security training course. Therefore, we are able to train our security directly and independently without outsourcing.

Achievement and Reputation

Asset Enhancement Examples

  • Successful examples in raising up property value
Types of Property District Before our take-over (rental per sq.ft.) After our take-over (rental per sq.ft.) Percentage of increase in property value
Computer Centre Mongkok $30 $300 1000%
Commercial Jordan $10 $40 400%
Commercial Causeway Bay $10 $38 380%
Commercial Prince Edward $8 $20 250%
  • Successful examples in saving expenses & costs
Type of Property District Savings
Industrial Kwun Tong 30% reduction in management fee
Commercial-Residential Tsim Sha Tsui $3,000,000 saving in building renovation
Commercial Mongkok 50% saving in lifts??maintenance expenses

Guarantee by reputation

"EQUAL" has been upholding the principles of "Customer is the priority", "Serve with sincerity & passion", "Work hard and seriously". Therefore, we are able to maintain and develop a long-term relationship and mutual trust with the government, owners, senior property investors and so on. We have achieved excellent reputation and goodwill.

Moreover, by virtue of the capacity and experience of our directors being the Chairman or member of different Incorporated Owners or Owners' Committee, we can understand your needs and expectations truely and fully, so that we are confident in providing quality services at reasonable price and enhance and promote your property value comprehensively.


(1) 助理物業主任 / 物業主任 (散盤)


管理約12個物業大廈日常查詢及投訴﹑跟進大廈日常維修保養﹑監察外判承辦商工作表現,出席業主組織會議及制構相關文件﹑人手及物業財務安排及管理﹑督導及監管下屬處理大廈的工作, 指揮及處理突發事件。

- 中七程度或相關文憑以上,流利粵語﹑一般英語及普通話
- 懂MS Word; 懂MS Excel; 懂英文打字; 懂中文打字;
- 具兩年或以上相關工作經驗及相關文憑或持物業管理人(第2級)牌照優先考慮。
- 主動有禮,有意投身於物業管理行業發展。
- 具責任感, 能在壓力下工作, 能獨立處理工作。

福利及待遇﹕面議, 視乎經驗而定, 銀行假期, 有年終花紅,每月有良好表現獎金$1,000。每週工作5天,每天工作9小時 (星期一至五﹕上午9時正至下午6時正, 星期六、日公眾假休息)

有超時工作補假 / 補鐘, 有在職培訓, 及晉升機會, 有年假7天。

有意者請將個人履歷及要求薪金電郵至info@equalproperty.com,如有任何查詢可致電人事部3525 0668 李小姐。 申請人提供之個人資料將只用作招聘用途並會絕對保密。

接受申請日期 : 2022 / 09 / 20 to 2023 / 03 / 31

(2) 各區日/ 夜正更保安員 (有工廈、商廈、住宅、商住盤)


負責: 執行日常保安工作、負責監控及執行巡邏工作、訪客登記﹑處理突發事件及客戶服務工作。

工作時間 : 每週工作6天,每天工作12小時, 工作時間七至七。固定更期,輪休,年假7天。

語言 : 流利粵語。

福利 : 時薪$43或以上 / 月薪$13,500 或以上,面議,視乎經驗及物業性質而定。設一次性新人獎$500 ; 及每月良好表現獎$300。

工作經驗 : 無拘

工作要求 : 持有保安培訓課程證書(QAS); 持有有效的保安人員許可証(須包括甲類及乙類保安工作) , 有興趣者可直接致電人事部 35250668(李小姐)查詢安排見工事宜。

接受申請日期 : 2022 / 09 / 20 to 2023 / 03 / 31

(3) 各區日/ 夜替假更保安員 (有工廈、商廈、住宅、商住盤)


負責: 執行日常保安工作、負責監控及執行巡邏工作、訪客登記﹑處理突發事件及客戶服務工作。

工作時間 : 每週工作3-6天,每天工作12小時, 工作時間七至七。固定更期,輪休,年假7天。

語言 : 流利粵語。

福利 : 時薪$43或以上 / 月薪$13,500 或以上,面議,視乎經驗及物業性質及合約性質而定。設一次性新人獎$500 ; 及每月良好表現獎$300。

工作經驗 : 無拘

工作要求 : 持有保安培訓課程證書(QAS); 持有有效的保安人員許可証(須包括甲類及乙類保安工作) , 有興趣者可直接致電人事部 35250668(李小姐)查詢安排見工事宜。

接受申請日期 : 2022 / 09 / 20 to 2023 / 03 / 31

(4) 日更警衛長 (觀塘區-工廈盤)

負責: 執行日常保安工作、負責監控及執行巡邏工作、訪客登記﹑處理突發事件及客戶服務工作、要收取車場逾時收費。

工作時間 : 每週工作6天,每天工作12小時, 工作時間七至七。固定更期,輪休,年假7天。

語言 : 流利粵語。

福利 : 月薪$14,500 或以上,面議,視乎經驗及物業性質及合約性質而定。設一次性新人獎$500 ; 及每月良好表現獎$300。

工作經驗 : 無拘

工作要求 : 持有保安培訓課程證書(QAS); 持有有效的保安人員許可証(須包括甲類及乙類保安工作) , 有興趣者可直接致電人事部 35250668(李小姐)查詢安排見工事宜。

接受申請日期 : 2022 / 09 / 20 to 2023 / 03 / 31



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